Wednesday, April 20, 2011

118118 whts the first line of bible - kgb answers

At the curious site of KGB answers, someone curiously enough, asks: what is the first line of the Bible? One would think that it's easier to Google this conundrum than to post a question about it - and it sadly indicates which degree of Biblical ignorance is common in our world. KGB agent Melissa comes to the rescue and refers the asker to Abarim's article on Genesis 1:1, In The Beginning:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Did the US President Pick The Name BARAK?

On the aptly named forums of Lunatic Outpost, someone wonders why Barak Obama picked the name Barak, as his real name is Barry. Member Mia comes to the rescue with a link to Abarim's article on the name Barak. One can only hope that this quenches the argument.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why do/have a lot of Catholics leave/left the Catholic church ...

On Yahoo Answers someone posts the question: why do so many Catholics leave the church. The winning answer is:

Most likely? They never truly learned what the Church taught and offers.
If they really understood what the Church is, and what she gives; they never would have left her.

One of the losing answers is a raving paragraph on the mysteries of quantum mechanics, teleporting and an infinite amount of universes. And of course, this person believes that religion is bunk, the universe is random, and there is no purpose to any of it. But most audaciously, they list Abarim Publications' celebrated introduction on quantum mechanics as a source of their lunacy. The only just element of this post is that it received a generous zero percent of the votes cast. Good.

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