Friday, October 21, 2011

The Nephilim & the Curious Case of the Similarity between the Sons of Anak and the Post-Exilic Levite Gatekeepers

A Nephil (close-up)
A lot has been written (i.e. guessed and fantasized) about the enigmatic Nephilim who lived before the flood (Genesis 6:4) and managed to survive the flood somehow (Numbers 13:33 - because they were extra-terrestrial or spirit beings?). But as I looked at the name Ahiman, the plot thickens even more:

Ahiman is one of three sons of Anak, and the Anakim are a sub-class of the Nephilim (Numbers 13:33) and the Rephaim (Deuteronomy 2:10). The three sons of Anak are driven out of Hebron (previously called Kiriath-arba) by Caleb (Joshua 15:14), and Hebron, you'll remember, was the original capital of Israel under David, as decreed by God Himself (2 Samuel 2:1). Somehow, however, the Anakim made it back to Hebron, and were subsequently slain by Judah during the secondary annexation campaign, and that right after they conquered and burned Jerusalem, which can hardly be a coincidence (Judges 1:10).

After the establishment of the united monarchy under David and Solomon, the leptonic breach occurs and the united kingdom continues as Israel and Judah. Israel is deported to Assyria and Judah (and Simeon within its borders) goes off to Babylon. When the first wave of Jews returns, a rudimentary social structure is established. Possibly in anticipation of there ever being gates again, a small contingent of four Levites is assigned gate-keeping duty and is stationed at the fringes of the Levite camp (1 Chronicles 9:17). Utterly curious, however, is the undeniable symmetry between the names of the Anakim who lived in Hebron, and the Levite proto-gate-keepers:


I have no explanation for this and so far I haven't found any commentary that even touches on this phenomenon. I'm curious to learn what others think of this. Do you think it's a coincidence void of any further meaning? Or is there something fabulous going on?
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