Friday, September 30, 2016

Abraham & The Standard Model of Elementary Particles

"And I will make your descendants a the dust of the earth, so that if anyone can number the dust of the earth, then your descendants can also be numbered" (Genesis 13:16).

In Genesis 13:16 God promised Abraham that his descendants would be like the dust of the earth, so that if the dust of the earth could be numbered, so could his descendants be.

In the course of the twentieth century the dust of the earth was indeed numbered and organized in what became known as the Standard Model of Elementary Particles (for more details, see our celebrated Introduction to Quantum Mechanics).

Here it is:

Dust of the earthAbraham's family
The universe expandsCollapse of the tower and dispersal of man and language
Mater-antimatterPeleg; the "earth" is divided
Primordeal black holes; the blueprint for all later structuresHaran
Matter polarizes:The promised land:
12 quarks, which hold most of the universe's space curving mass12 sons of the archer Ishmael (Abraham's son)
12 leptons, including the electron12 sons of Israel (Abraham's grandson), including Judah
12 bosons that convey forces: 8 strong gluons and 4 electroweak bosons12 sons of Nahor (means force; Abraham's brother): 8 with wife Milcah and 4 with concubine Reumah
In the early universe most quarks and leptons died out due to decreasing energy density and collisions.During the kingdom years, most tribes were lost to famine and wars
Of the quarks, only the Up and Down quarks survived and formed today's atomic nucleiNebaioth and Kedar were mentioned among the surviving Ishmaelite tribes who will be gathered up into the eternal kingdom (Isaiah 60:7)
Of the leptons, only the electron and its invisible e-neutrino survivedOnly Judah survived, as did those members of Simeon and Levi who had settled within the region of Judah
Quarks formed free-flying nuclei but when the energy density sank below a critical level, suddenly the electrons bound to the nuclei by means of electromagnetism (light)From Judah came Jesus of Nazareth. His death, resurrection and spreading of the gospel through the Roman empire ensued; the Jewish gospel quite literally grabbed the wealth of pagan science and skills
The universe became transparent, matter became alive and stable, and larger objects became possibleTo the people living in darkness, a great light began to shine; people obtained eternal life

However, as overly reported of in the news lately, the Standard Model appears to be not wholly complete. And the family of Abraham also lacks some representation, namely the six sons of Keturah, Abraham's second wife (Genesis 25:1-2).

As we here at Abarim Publications predicted as much as twenty years ago, there should in addition to the particles presented in the Standard Model, be six additional Fermionic particles that possibly have leptonic properties (as Keturah was a wife like Sarah, not a concubine like Hagar).

Probably most significant is Keturah's son Midian, who initially provided Moses with his wife Zipporah and her socially smart father Jethro, but who later became one of Israel's proverbial enemies. All this seems to suggest that Midian represents a particle (a form of cosmic radiation) that has been instrumental in forming DNA.

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