Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Abaddon is destruction personified

Abaddon is destruction personified, and it's curious (not to mention evident of a lopsided theological tradition) that Abaddon never received the popular recognition that generally befalls Armageddon and Sheol.

John the Revelator depicts Abaddon (Αβαδδων) as the angel of the abyss, who is king over the swarm of hellish locust that appear under the fifth trumpet (Revelation 9:11), and dubs his name in Greek Apollyon.

In the Old Testament, Abaddon appears alongside Sheol in Proverbs 15:11 and 27:20 (spelled אבדה, Abaddah) and Job 26:6, and alongside Mawet (Death — commemorated in names like Hazarmaveth) in Job 28:22, and along qeber (the grave) in Psalm 88:11. In Job 31:12 fire occurs as a route to Abaddon.

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