Friday, March 4, 2016


Regulars to Abarim Publications will have noticed two things. First, we haven't updated our blog in three years, and second, suddenly the main website at looks super mega snazzy. Believe it or not, one has to do with the other.

Every webmaster is hooked on stats (a website's statistics, such as visitor and pageview counts), but stats can be misleading. Zarathustra only had one convert when he died, but now more than half the world is Zarathustrian or thinks along those lines, and Paul once said that his life would have been worth it if he had made only one convert. Whether Abarim Publications has actually made a convert no one knows, but it's certainly encouraging to see so many people visit us and "like" us (people actually started "liking" our Facebook page, which has been dead for the same three years. We're resurrecting it along with this blog).

This morning I checked our Alexa rank before I could stop myself, and lo and behold, Abarim Publications is among the 100,000 best performing websites in the United States, and among the 300,000 best in the whole world. And to put that somewhat in perspective, there are about 1,000,000,000 registered domain names, of which 25% are active. That means that (1) there are about 250,000,000 active websites in the world, and (2) Abarim Publications belongs to the top 0.2% of best performing websites in the world. We're not exactly the next Facebook, but we have thousands of people reading our stuff every day. And that ain't hay.

Particularly tickling are close to two dozen references to Abarim Publications on Wikipedia on topics ranging from the photoelectric effect to the names Hebron and Rebekah. Also groovy are five books-in-print, which refer to Abarim Publications as one of there sources. Here they are:

  • Un-American Activities: Countercultural Themes in Christianity, by Tom and Kim Wilkens (Fairway Press, 2009)
  • The Truth about God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who We Really Are, by Theresa Talea (iUniverse, 2012)
  • The Muslim Discovery of America by Frederick William Dame (BoD, 2013)
  • By Faith - Isaac, by Elsa Henderson (WestBow Press, 2013)
  • Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Israel, by Paul John Wigowsky (AuthorHouse, 2013)

One is glad to be of help.

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