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How power works

Obviously, any person who attains any governmental or military position, automatically believes in human authority and the justice of one guy ruling over the next one. People like that generally fall into two categories:

The Materialists

The Materialists, in the Bible portrayed as the Saducees, deny that anything exists outside the observable, and thus exclude the existence of angels, spirits, God and obviously any form of resurrection. Materialists see the belief in the non-material world as poison to society and will try to eradicate it.

Our good friend Richard Dawkins
Examples of this form of government are Marxism (Mao, Stalin), the European Union, and science-based models (to which we hastily add that science is a wonderful tool as long as it does not overrule or illegitimate other considerations, such as art-based leanings; here at Abarim Publications we love science).

The Vicarians

The Vicarians, in the Bible portrayed as the Pharisees, deny that the belief of most people in anything is detrimental. The Vicarians will try to harness whatever beliefs of whichever people into elaborate religions and associated power structures, of which the top ruler represents the object of people's belief on earth.

Our good friend Pope Francis
Examples of this kind of government are of course Roman Imperialism (which explains the functioning of people like Annas and Ananias) and its greatest admirer: Fascism, as well as most forms of formal Christianity and Islam (and subsets such as the USA and various Arabic nations).

We  hastily add that these are nevertheless all wonderful endeavors with friendly accommodating people. Here at Abarim Publications we aim to be Good Neighbors to all these regimes.

The main objective of these factions is the same: to rule humanity and to hammer it into an efficient, well-oiled machine. Their most dominant symbol is either the sun or the moon, and their most lethal enemy, what they hate and fear most, is anyone who is contrary, non-compliant, or trouble-making: disturbers of their manufactured peace, so to speak.

To them, disturbers are all the same, but to the actual trouble-makers there is a great difference, namely between:


Or people who seek to destroy whatever exists, and that for non-constructive reasons. Among these are people with rare mental disorders, vandals and very rare forms of satanism (because most "satanism" today is of the second order, and designed to counter modern forms of Pharisaism).


Our good friend William Wallace
Bravehearts are folks who want to achieve a world in which the individual is free from any restriction, free to do whatever he/she wants, including beating up someone who's in their way.

This non-government is based on survival of the fittest, and among these we may count anarchists and nationalists (those who apply anarchy to the individual that is their nation).

The Celts and Germanians appear to have had developed cultures of a very high degree of sophistication across enormous realms based on these ideas, which existed until Rome sacked them.

Israel originally attempted this form of existence, but they wouldn't stop fighting among themselves, and the nation elected to switch to centralized, Pharisaic rule (although the term was obviously invented much later than the time of 1 Samuel 8).


Hodosites (from the Greek word hodos, meaning way, road or path) are people who insist that humans are natural creatures, who function best collectively according to same natural laws that run them individually. Without central rule and with only personal autonomy, bees and ants build huge societies. Imagine what humans might accomplish if we'd just stop telling others what to do.

Our good friends the bees

The society these Hodosites envision is based entirely on an individual's adherence to the only code all individuals can agree on, namely those aforementioned natural laws (Matthew 23:10, 1 Corinthians 15:24).

These folks see humanity as a self-correcting system, in which the whole will always reflect the ultimate. Any insurrection comes from suppression, and should be corrected on both ends (which is also the key to the cure of cancer, by the way).

In a human individual, this code is DNA. In the human collective, this code is the Scriptures, which is a collection of writings that have stood the test of time not because powerful people wanted it so, but because the turning of the human world made these particular writings float to the top.

An individual whose cells don't properly form or interpret DNA will develop cancer, in the same way that that a society whose individuals think they know better than the Scriptures will develop any of the above and will inevitably disintegrate.

The only way to figure out how the Scriptures work is to cross reference them against the scientific record (Romans 1:20), and we're far from getting there.

Today we don't even understand the Bible, let alone see any possible seamless connection between the Bible, the Quran, the Vedas and other Scriptures mankind has been endowed with (John 21:25). But it's either that, or extinction. Either humanity will fall in sync with creation or else creation will annihilate humanity like the plague we are. And when we get there, it will be the beginning of a whole new and quite spectacular thing.

Among the proponents of this view we can count Jesus the Nazarene and people like Nicodemus and Paul, who started out as Pharisees but who later became devoted to the Way, as it's called (John 14:6, Acts 9:2, 22:4).

Much alike these two famous figures, there are a great many people among all above categories who are in fact devoted to the Way and don't know it because they've never heard of it, thanks to the efforts of Pharisaism and Sadduceeism to cloud and oppress it. But now you know better.

Our best friend: DNA (Deuteronomy 30:11-14, Jeremiah 31:33, Luke 17:21, Romans 2:15, Hebrews 10:16)


Be nice.

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