Saturday, April 9, 2016

The mysterious case of the giants and the Levites

You wouldn't think it, but after thousands of years the Bible is still chuck-full of unsolved mysteries.

Some of these unsolved mysteries are unsolved simply because they are so complex (like: what happened to the Ark?) but others aren't solved because nobody knows they're there.

One of my favorite ones (which appears to be an original Abarim Publications find) is the mysterious broken symmetry between the four gargantuan sons of Anak at the time of the conquest (Numbers 13:22, Judges 1:10), and four Levite gatekeepers at the time of the return from Babylon (1 Chronicles 9:17).

Note that both the names Hebron and Levite come from verbs that mean to join:

Four giant Hebronites: Anak Ahiman Sheshai Talmai
Four Levite gatekeepers: Akkub Ahiman Shallum Talmon

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